Forest Oak is matured in cloth and smoked over oak chips giving it a crumbly texture and

oaky flavour

Very often soft and squidgy, normally visibly blue but sometimes not a clue as to the presence

of Roquefort mould.

Dunlop is wax ripened giving it a rich buttery textured cheese and  memorable sting

in its tail.

There is nothing but full cream milk and a good honest 6 months maturity in this traditional Gloucestershire cheese.

Its Roquefort bite is perfectly complemented by the wonderful creamy texture and

stunning looks.

Forester is the hardest cheese in our range with a nutty taste and amazing depth of


Meet Single Gloucester, Double Gloucester's mellow and creamy

younger brother


Visit our lovely little shop in the heart of Minchinhampton. As you pass through Minchinhampton Common keep a keen eye open for any cattle with a red tag, they’re one of ours.  >


Woefuldane & Henry's

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Woefuldane at Westminster

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"One of our best cows, a Jersey cross called Delia born over 10 years ago,  made an indelible impression on us almost from birth."